Our Technology

WHOLEGARMENT knitting technology

A superior alternative to conventional knitting methods, the seam-free construction of WHOLEGARMENT realizes substantial benefits unmatched by any other textile product, opening up a new world of unprecedented opportunities in small batch production in what had previously been thought to only have been available to commercial scale operations.

Typically, a knitted garment consists of separate parts-the front and back body panels and the sleeves-which are sewn together afterward. In sharp contrast,  our revolutionary WHOLEGARMENT knitwear is produced in one entire piece, three-dimensionally, directly on the knitting machine. Consequently it requires little to no expensive, time-consuming post-production labor. The "ideal knitwear," WHOLEGARMENT products raise the essential attributes of knitwear, comfort, lightness and resilience-to an entirely new level of sophistication.

Originally founded on the challenge of developing the world's first automated glove knitting machine, Shima Seiki has since been at the forefront of knitting technology. With consistent advancement in original technology that anticipates market needs, Shima Seiki's computerized knitting machines have now become the global standard.

SHIMA SEIKI's exclusive WHOLEGARMENT knitting technology has evolved even further. The new MACH2XS WHOLEGARMENT specialty machine features 4 needlebeds and SHIMA SEIKI’s original SlideNeedle, the combination of which is considered ideal for producing WHOLEGARMENT knitwear. MACH2XS furthermore features the world's first application of SHIMA SEIKI's patented spring-type sinkers on a 4-needlebed machine, permitting high quality knitting of complex fabrics and unprecedented capability in WHOLEGARMENT knitting. Flechage is especially easier to knit, allowing more control over neck drop amount. As the “MACH” name suggests, speed and productivity are dramatic. MACH2XS achieves a maximum knitting speed of 1.4 meters per second. The R2CARRIAGE system furthermore permits quick carriage returns for high efficiency per knitted course. Split Stitch technique also allows efficient WHOLEGARMENT production by eliminating empty courses. High quality is assured with i-DSCS+DTC Digital Stitch Control System with Intelligence and Dynamic Tension Control.  Quality, productivity and extended capability make the new MACH2XS the ideal machine for WHOLEGARMENT production.

New design capabilities

Conventionally, a significant amount of time and cost is spent among product planning and production departments, for repeatedly checking and modifying such design elements as pattern, silhouette, color and texture. By taking advantage of the capabilities of SDS-ONE APEX3, it is possible to share a clear image of the design before an actual sample is produced, drastically improving efficiency in the production process.

Yarns can be scanned-in to extract the yarn image and can to be used in realistic loop simulations. By being able to visualize the finished garment beforehand, higher quality can be achieved in the sample making stage.  In doing so, significant time compression is achieved from product planning to sample making, allowing quicker response times and reduced costs associated with sample making such as labor, materials and shipping fees.

Seam free construction of WHOLEGARMENT yields ideal comfort, fit and beauty of knitwear as it should be.