Our Capabilities

Choose from one of our stock designs or have something designed specific for you, we can help.

Based in Kennewick, WA, we are a small batch manufacturer specializing in garments made exclusively from natural fibers. We want to connect natural fiber producers and designers with small batch production needs, to seamless Wholegarment manufacturing. Our capabilities allow us to create different garments, designs and colorways with order minimums that can scale from the smaller to larger production requirements

We offer a stock pattern library of choices to the small batch production client, that may not want to invest the upfront costs in designing their own pieces from the ground up. Each of these can be knit in yarns with various colorways and fiber content, giving them a slightly unique character.

Looking for something specific? We can work with you to take your concept and help bring it to full realization. With our in-house design and sampling capability we can refine your ideas, build the WHOLEGARMENT programming and provide sampling that will get you into production quicker.

Once your design is ready for production we have you covered. From a few to a few hundred we are your manufacturing partner. Production knitting,  finishing,  labeling and packaging your products can all be done in house.